Don’t Miss: The Ultimate Hipster Traveling Guide in Thailand

Lately, everywhere we go, online or offline, we will catch people talking about Hipster!
The topic is so hot that it has quickly spread across the globe. And soon enough, Thailand is now under a hipster fever!

And when we think of Hipster, we certainly think of many cool places and activities such as hangout in a stylist coffee bar, dine from food truck, take a road trip for photography, shop from the local market fair, appreciate the artwork, or stroll in the museum. If these are still too vague to see the picture. Stay with us until the end because we have hipster things to show!

After a long and serious research, we finally spot several cool places in Thailand that the hipsters will never miss. So, let’s check out Thailand’s most hipsters cities and see if any of these places can ease your hipster thirst!

BANGKOK - A capital city of Thailand

If you have visited Bangkok before, you will totally understand why it is listed as one of Thailand’s most hipsters cities. Recent years, Bangkok has rapidly grown to become a center and a home to the large number of hipsters. There are many new places that designed and provided the services especially to fit the hipster lifestyle. And here is the cheat sheet that we have summed up, enjoy!

The never ending summer (Khlong San) - People come here for authentic Thai food but hipsters enjoy it double. It is not just about the food, they said, it is about the environment. Unique industrial loft design, rustic walls, high ceiling, and decorated with photography by the local photographer.

Candide books (Khlong San) - Book, coffee and peace. Not too far from “The never ending summer” restaurant, “Candide books” is a coffee shop with a wall full of books, both Thai and English. It is a perfect place where you can enjoy reading as much as your favorite cup of beverage in a peaceful environment. So, sit back, take a sip, and read!

Escapade Burgers & Shakes (Phra-Arthit Road) - They are not only famous for it delicious and juicy burgers and fried, but they are also very well recognized for their infamous service. Their bad reputation is everywhere on social media. But if you don’t mind the service, we dare you to squeeze into this tiny burger shop, keep low profile, and try their burgers. You will love it at first bite.

Favour cafe’ (Maharaj Road) - Sits in the brand new community mall by the Chao Phya River. It is truly a hipster coffee shop designed for the hipsters; brick wall, wooden table, friendly service and nice coffee. You can also enjoy taking photos by the riverside near the coffee shop as well.

Khaosarn Road - It is, indeed, a famous tourist spot but it is also a road full of cool shops and colorful restaurants where hipsters love to visit at night. If you get a chance to visit this road, try Sawaddee or Hippie de Bar. They sit in the liveliest area of Khaosarn Road.

Mikkeller (Ekkamai soi 10) - Are you a beer lover and looking for a place for draught, craft and imported beer? Mikkeller offers up to 30 taps of house beer and more. If you don’t mind the price, have a blast!

Roast (Thonglor soi 13) - No offense, but if you never visit Roast before, you are not the real hipster. Roast offers both brunch and dinner. They are famous for their Western food, roasted coffee, and stylish environment. You can choose to sit indoor or outdoor but please note that outdoor is a smoking area.

Boyy (Thonglor soi 12) - It is one of the most relaxing coffee shop in Thonglor road, decorated with the antique style furniture. It is where the early birds visit for double espresso shots and delicious imported French bakery, while the rest just simply visit in the evening to enjoy the minibars and alcoholic beverages. The shop opens from 7:30 AM - Midnight (or 1:00 AM on Friday and Saturday.)

Summer Street (Aree Soi 2) - This is one of the hottest food trucks in Bangkok right now. It serves fresh grilled seafood. And they have very limited seats and tables, so, we highly recommend you to get there early to beat the queue!

Daniel Thaiger (Sukhumvit soi 38) - This cool burger truck is located in Sukhumvit soi 38. It recently becomes one of hipster favorite’s street foods. They open at 5:30 PM and they sell out super-fast every day.

* Soi in thai means alley


In the center of Chiangmai city, there is a Nimmanhaemin road. It is, so far, the chicest, coolest and funkiest road in Chiangmai. The road is full of lively local shops, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. Let’s see if places we selected can meet your Hipster standard!

Librarista - As the name suggested, library and barista, Librarista is a library themed coffee shop. It is a place where you can enjoy the coffee and books in cozy like home environment. They are also the first coffee shop in Chiangmai to serve coffee from the Nespresso!

Tid Ta Tid Jai - Wondering where to shop for cool accessories and gifts in Chiangmai? No place can beat Tid Ta Tid Jai. It is a gift shop with a large collection of imported vintage toys, posters, old school glasses, and funky watches.


Although Hua Hin & Cha Am is mostly recognized for its beautiful beach and delicious seafood, it surprisingly has many stylist coffee shops; historical places as well as markets that hipster should not miss.

The Baguette (Hua Hin & Cha Am) - A bakery shop offering a breakfast menu and a variety of freshly baked breads. 
Do visit Hua Hin branch for more menu.

Gallery Drip Coffee (Hua Hin) - What is drip coffee? Pay a visit and you will be amazed with the way they brew coffee here. Instead of coffee machine, they keep it classic with drip brewing method.

Night market (Hua Hin) - It is nighttime, and you are wondering where to shop and what to eat in Hua Hin. Night Market is the best answer for both Thais and Foreigners. And if you visit there during the weekend, you might get to see street performances as well.

Mrigadayavan - Palace of Love and Hope, 1923 (Hua Hin) - The architecture and interior design is breathtaking as well as the surrounding scenery. This palace was once use as a summer palace by King Rama VI (King Vajiravudh). And it is now open for sightseeing.

Juk-ka-jun market (Cicada market) - 4 acres market garden, surrounded by a-hundred-year-old trees, and decorated with a thousand of shimmery yellow light bulbs, as if you are in a giant garden full of cicada. Juk-ka-jun market is new gathering places for hipsters, where you can shop for craft and homemade goods, then walk further to enjoy the live band music and the street food.


Grab your camera, and follow us up to the mountain side. Kanchanaburi is a town full of beautiful historical sites and amazing outdoor activities. If you are one of those adventurous types, Kanchanaburi surely is your babe.

Pilok Mine - It was once an active and fruitful mine but its prime time as a mine has long gone. And today it has turned into a tourist attraction with an impressive and peaceful mountain view. Another interesting part lies in the name of the mine, where the rumors said, Pilok Mine was once called Pee Lhok Mine (Ghost Haunted Mine) because the place was ghostly quiet.

Sunken Temple - Once upon a time, there was a temple named Wat Wang Wiwekaram. Later on there was a dam project that required the temple to move away. But it was impossible to move the whole temple. So, the villagers decided to build the new temple on the mountain and left the old one under the water. Time flies and now it has turned into a breathtaking tourist attraction. The best time to visit Sunken Temple is March and April. Beside these two suggested months, you will see only the roof and water.

Mon Bridge - The longest wooden bridge in Thailand with a length of 850 meters. The bridge was built to across Songaria river and it is the famous spot to witness an unforgettable sunset and sunrise.

Thungyai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary - Last but not least, blend in with nature. The wildlife sanctuary of 33,647.2 square kilometers. The area is covered with grasslands and tropical rainforests. It is the best place to see and take photos of the wild animals. Do check the weather before visiting, avoid the raining day is highly suggested.


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